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Smart USB 1.5

localization: English Russian Spanish

Smart USB allows you to set up backuping and synchronizing of

  • Any files and folders. You can set up file mask, use templates, etc.
  • MS Outlook Emails, Contacts, Appointments.
  • MSN Messenger history.
  • Yahoo! Messenger history.
  • Miranda Messenger history.

between computers.

This program is very useful if you have Instant Messenger installed both - at home and at work and want all you messages from work comp to be automatically added to your home IM history archive (program add only new messages) .

Or if you have worked with your email at some comp and want to move all mails to your home comp. Or if you want just backup your important data. You can tune any kind of synchronization you like.

Program allows making all data transfers automatically on mounting removable drive. You can set up to start program in hidden mode(only system tray icon) and on Windows logon - so on inserting your USB program will do all data tranfers automatically.

16.08.05 New:
- Bugs fixed. Added spanish localization. (Localization was made by M. Deflure)

01.08.05 New:
- Zip compression added: All storing files could be now compressed to Zip archive before storing and UnZiped on restoring. With this function data transfer is faster and archive has lower size.

04.07.05 New:
- Encryption added: All storing files could be now encrypted by strong encryption algorithm.


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