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Windows Vista SP1 RC

The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate (Windows Vista SP1 RC) is now available to the public. In addition to previously released updates, SP1 contains changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several new technologies.

Vista SP1 RC also addresses some management, deployment, and support challenges.

Please NOTE:

# If you have a prior version of SP1 beta installed, you must uninstall it prior to installing SP1 RC.

# Microsoft does not recommend installing this software on primary or mission critical systems.

# Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate is time-limited software.

# Support is through self-help and peer support via a Windows Vista SP1 forum.

Get Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC (Update for existing Windows Vista users)

There are 3 different ways to access the Windows Vista SP1 RC depending on the unique business needs of individual users and their organizations.

Windows Update Experience

The recommended method for installing Windows Vista SP1 RC on an individual computer.

Windows Vista SP1 stand-alone packages

These packages support SP1 RC installations on all versions of Windows Vista with one, five, or a combination of the 36 Windows Vista languages installed.

TechNet Subscribers: Get Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate

Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate is now available to TechNet Subscribers on Technet Subscriber downloads.

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